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East Lane RLT Leadership

Susan Hardy, Coordinator

Kack Camerer, Co-Chair

Carol Chapman, Co-Chair

Brandy Stewart, Co-Chair


Our Work in East Lane


Where is the East Lane Team in the process of reducing child abuse 90 percent by 2030?


After collecting data and mapping the assets and gaps in community resources, the team is completing its prevention plan. What better place to tackle the problem of child abuse than at the root? The Welcome Baby Box provides families with infants a safe place to sleep (the "box") as well as parenting information, a guide to local recources, and a connection to other community members. Roots of Empathy focuses on elementary-age children, bringing an infant and caregiver into a classroom to teach students empathy and reduce aggression and bullying. In Phase 2 of the Prevention Plan, East Lane will introduce Safe Families for Children, a faith-based program that aims to keep children out of foster care by providing respite care to families in crisis. The strategy is a great fit for East Lane, which already has a strong tradition of volunteerism and engaged faith community memembers.


To develop the East Lane Child Abuse Prevention Plan, the team members talked to their neighbors to get a read on local opinions on child abuse and the potential for prevention. They collected 200 community surveys with questions like "Do you think your neighborhood watches out for kids?" and "Do you think we can reduce child abuse in this community?"


The survey answers informed the second step of the process, in which the team charted the community's available resources and gaps in services. A diverse group of East Lane residents came together to write the region's Child Abuse Prevention Plan, which aimed to fill those gaps and strengthen the resources already present. Now finalized, the plan is being introduced to local stakeholders, and the first strategies will be implemented this fall.



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