North Lane

North Lane Leadership

Tere Andrews, Co-Chair

Stacy Moeller, Co-Chair

Ann Stone, Coordinator


Our Work in North Lane

Where is the North Lane Team in the process of reducing child abuse 90 percent by 2030? After collecting data and mapping the assets and gaps in community resources, the team is now developing its prevention plan. For a more complete description of the roadmap, click here.

In the first step of 90by30's Regional Team Roadmap to Prevention, team members collected 200 community surveys, asking North Lane residents questions like "Do you think your neighborhood watches out for kids?" and "Do you think we can reduce child abuse in this community?" Their answers provided a foundation, a starting place and an important context. Below are the highlights of the data we collected.



The second step of the process saw the team looking carefully at the community's available resources and gaps in services. A diverse group of North Lane residents came together to create a map of the current situation. With an eye toward filling those gaps and strengthening - not duplicating - current efforts, the team is now writing it's Child Abuse Prevention Plan. Once the plan is complete, it will be introduced to the community and the Regional Team will work with current stakeholders and new volunteers to implement its components.


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