West Lane

Leadership in West Lane

Teresa LaNasa, Co-Chair

Suzanne Mann-Heintz, Co-Chair

Jeanne Shannon, Coordinator


Our Work in West Lane


West Lane has recently rolled out the first two strategies in its prevention plan: Roots of Empathy and the Welcome Baby Box. Through interactions with an infant and caregiver, Roots of Empathy teaches the students of an elementary-school classroom empathy and reduces aggression and bullying. The Welcome Baby Box, a safe sleep system "box" filled with physical necessities, parenting information, and resource guides, first debuted in Lane County in the South Lane Region. Now is it also being implemented in West Lane, where volunteers are delivering the boxes to expecting families and making long-lasting social connetions between parents and the rest of the community. 


More is on the way for West Lane, as detailed in the Prevention Plan outline below. An expanded home visiting program and a foster grandparents program that will take advantage of the region's wealth of retirees are in the wings.


How did West Lane get to this point? First, team members collected 200 community surveys, asking West Lane residents questions like "Do you think your neighborhood watches out for kids?" and "What would make you support a community-wide prevention program?" Their answers provided a foundation, a starting place, and an important context. The team then created a map of the assets and gaps in community resources in the region. With an eye toward filling those gaps and strengthening - not duplicating - current efforts, the team wrote its Child Abuse Prevention Plan. The plan is now being introduced to community stakeholders and the first strategies are being rolled out as we speak.



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