Annual Conference

In October 2017, 90by30 marked the fifth year of its Annual Conference, which brings together community stakeholders and experts in the field of child abuse prevention. Previous conferences have featured keynote addresses by the leaders of NAPCAN, Australia's premier prevention agency; Judy Langford of the Center for the Study of Social Policy, whose preventative factor framework 90by30 has adopted in its own work; and the WAVES organization of the U.K. This year, Mary Gordon spoke about the Roots of Empathy initiative, and each of 90by30's regional teams unveiled its prevention plan. Read more about the 2017 conference here.


Conference 2018 is scheduled for Friday, October 26, at the Lane Community College Center for Meeting and Learning. As we begin to implement prevention strategies like the Welcome Baby Box and Roots of Empathy in each of our Lane County regions, this year's theme of connections - how to make and keep them, and how to work together toward a common goal - is more important than ever.