Jan 19, 2021

Roots of Empathy recently received some great coverage from KMTR. While it’s tough not being in the classroom since the pandemic began, Roots has gone virtual: “So much of what we’re doing this year feels different,” says 90by30 Associate Director Sara Loveless. “But it feels so good to be able to provide something like this to support kids and families during this incredibly challenging time.”

Parents whose babies have been “Tiny Teachers” give the experience glowing reviews.

“They notice when he’s sad or when he’s happy and they talked about it and what they could do to make him feel better,” says Liahona, a mom to three boys. “I think sometimes there’s a stigma about emotions; that we should keep it all inside. As a mom, I try really hard to help my kids understand that it’s OK to be sad; it’s OK to get angry and it’s not a bad thing. This program helps kids feel comfortable opening up and talking about how they feel.”

Want to be part of Roots of Empathy? Virtual participation means that families will be “sharing photos and videos of their Tiny Teacher and a trained Roots of Empathy instructor will be sharing that with children in virtual classrooms across Lane County,” says Sara. If you have a baby between May and August 2020 and are interested in volunteering as a Roots of Empathy family, email Sara at saraL@90by30.com.

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(Picture at left: A pre-COVID classroom visit.)