April 11, 2022

Randi Ross, our South Lane Regional Team Coordinator, is featured in the UO College of Education alumni newsletter and blog, reflecting on her personal story and her passion for prevention work. “When I started working with 90by30, I realized that this is exactly where I should be,” she says.

Randi is passionate about child abuse prevention. She and her four daughters struggled to find their way forward in the aftermath of an abusive marriage. As Randi and her family began to recover, she considered going back to school and landed at the College of Education – and, eventually, at 90by30.

“I’ve had trials, successes, failures, and a lot of pain, but I just kept fighting. My greatest gift is to show my kids that you can go through an immense amount of trauma and have the world against you, and you can still persevere. I think I’ve set a good example for my kids.”

Read the entire piece here.