Jun 7, 2022

As the 2021-22 school year draws to an end, we are so grateful for the hard work and support of all our student staff.

Among the many things our undergraduate interns accomplished, we especially want to recognize Grace Bonilla for leading SACA meetings and building the team, Claire Fontana for creating an ad campaign to get the word out about Parent Cafés, Mykenzie Haney for organizing SACA’s presence at Take Back the Night and speaking at the event, Julia Sikora for overseeing Welcome Baby inventory and production of bundles and resource binders, and Hannah White for her key role in campus-area business engagement as a part of 5,000 Strong.

Jacqueline Larkins, our student communications assistant, expanded the 90by30 Instagram (which reached 500 followers last month!), launched our LinkedIn presence, and created a compelling one-minute video that sums up 90by30’s mission and purpose.

Jaclyn Bogner and Steph Luther, our graduate student research assistants, made meaningful contributions to data analysis for the Protect Our Children “ripple effect mapping” project. Their work will fold into a report that exclusively focuses on the statewide public health and community-level impact of Protect Our Children as well as into CPAN’s 7-year cumulative report that will be issued in late August. 

Randi Ross, our South Lane Regional Leadership Coordinator, is graduating from her Master’s program in Prevention Science. Randi has given so much to our South Lane team and made so many wonderful connections in the area, especially during CAPM, when there were team events nearly every week. We’re honored to have her with us.

We echo Associate Director Sara Loveless’ sentiment about our student staff: “It’s been such a great group. I will miss them!”