Forest Rolnick-Wihtol

South Lane Regional Leadership Team Coordinator

Forest Rolnick-Wihtol has lived on occupied Kalapuya territory their whole life, being Cottage Grove born and Eugene raised. They began their passionate work for youth early, when they started volunteering in high school for music and education programs for youth for GRRRLZ ROCK and Planned Parenthood. They enjoy working with gender-diverse youth and educating about the LGBTQ+ community. They graduated from University of Oregon in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and in English with a focus on LGBTQ+ literature.

They have spent their time post-graduating organizing mutual aid COVID-relief efforts, expanding their cooking repertoire, and making copious amounts of art and music. They are the author of three poetry anthologies and the educational zine “A Guide to Trans Folks for the People Who Love Them,” and they have many other books, zines, and comics in the works. They live with their partner, a very rambunctious kitty cat, and a variety of suffering houseplants.