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Your Gift Directly Benefits Local Prevention Efforts

Our goal is to reduce child abuse in Lane County 90% by 2030.

How are we going to get there?

With community-driven strategies that stop child abuse before it starts by supporting parents, connecting kids to caring adults, and engaging community members.

But we can’t do it without you. 

5,000 Strong is a campaign by Friends of 90by30, a nonprofit that raises funds for and awareness of 90by30’s efforts, to bring together 5,000 Lane County community members, businesses, and organizations to fund current programs like Roots of Empathy, the Welcome Baby Bundle, and Parent Cafés. With your support, we’ll expand these programs to make them truly universal, strengthen programs like Safe Families for Children and K(no)w More, and launch new projects like 40 Developmental Assets and Grandparent Mentors. 

 Join 5,000 of Your Neighbors.

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Your donation directly benefits 90by30’s prevention efforts in the region you choose. Ninety percent of the funds raised through 5,000 Strong go to our Regional Leadership Teams to pay for programs like Roots of Empathy, the Welcome Baby Bundle, and Parent Cafés. Ten percent goes to help us maintain our infrastructure and support our volunteers.

Members of 5,000 Strong commit to one or more of the following:

  • $100 yearly donation to Friends of 90by30
  • Sharing child abuse prevention information  with family, friends and co-workers twice a year (we’ll provide the information)
  • Like or promote 90by30 on Facebook or Instagram
  • Follow 90by30’s Facebook page

Want to find out more or download a flyer to share with friends? Click here

Click the link above to donate to 5,000 Strong via Friends of 90by30’s website.

Or fill out the donation form at bit.ly/90by30donate and mail a check to:

Friends of 90by30
P.O. Box 51612 
Eugene, OR 97405