Abbigail Hepperle

Program Assistant

Abbigail was born and raised in Central Oregon. She moved to Springfield/Eugene in 2012, where she attended high school and the University of Oregon. She has a big family with nine siblings and has always had a passion for supporting families and changing social norms to do so. She began her college experience as a musician and played trumpet for nine years.

At the UO, she transitioned out of her music career and pursued her Bachelor’s in General Social Science with Crime, Law, and Society. Here she was introduced to 90by30 in a Family and Human Services class. She has since pursued her passion for helping families by working for 90by30 as a Research Assistant and a Program Assistant. She currently works as a Youth Care Counselor at Boys and Girls Aid in Portland, Oregon.

Abbigail plans to pursue prevention work in her future and is passionate about upstream prevention practices. In her free time, Abbigail enjoys running and hiking, crocheting, spending time with her family, and cuddling her kitties.