East Lane 

Oakridge, Lowell, and Surrounding Areas

East Lane Coordinator: Susan Hardy

East Lane Co-Chairs: Kack Camerer, Carol Chapman, and Brandy Stewart

Since finalizing its prevention plan, the East Lane team it has launched two strategies: Roots of Empathy and Welcome Baby. The Welcome Baby Bundle, a gift from the community to families with new babies, is filled with supplies and resources, including books, personal care items, and local agency contacts. Each Bundle is delivered by a trained 90by30 volunteer whose home visit connects new parents to the community at a time when they can feel especially isolated.

Roots of Empathy has been embraced by the community since its 2018 debut in several East Lane elementary school classrooms. The team is excited to be back in the classroom this year, after a hiatus during the pandemic.

Looking to the future, the East Lane Team is hopes to launch a Foster Grandparents program. Safe Families, a respite program that aims to keep children out of foster care, was identified during the prevention planning process as a good fit for the region and a way to draw on the strengths of East Lane’s faith communities. East Lane is also interested in starting Parent Cafés to provide interactive education for parents and caregivers that can take place either in person or virtually.


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Strategies in East Lane

Welcome Baby

This gift to the newest members of the East Lane community provides carefully selected items, as well as a binder with local resources – all delivered by a caring community member. A safety kit, a book and toy, organic clothing, a handmade “tummy time” quilt, and a hand-knitted infant cap are just some of the items in the Welcome Baby Bundle. Also included is the Period of PURPLE Crying, a training program shown to reduce Shaken Baby Syndrome by normalizing the intense crying experienced by some babies. The Bundle not only offers concrete resources but connects families with neighbors who can provide a support system for new parents.

Roots of Empathy

This classroom-based program cultivates empathy in children in order to build more caring, peaceful, and civil societies. Through interactions with an infant and caregiver, and with the guidance of a Roots of Empathy Instructor, children learn to identify and understand the feelings of the baby, then themselves, and the feelings of others. 90by30 has partnered with Roots of Empathy to bring this program to 50 first- and second-grade classrooms in Lane County. 

What’s Next

East Lane is looking forward to bringing Safe Families for Children, a faith-based program that keeps children out of foster care by providing respite care to families in crisis, to the region. This strategy is a great fit for East Lane, which already has a strong tradition of volunteerism and engaged faith community members. The team is also planning for a launch of Foster Grandparents, which connects children to “grandparents” (age 55 and older) to provide an additional layer of support during childhood and adolescence. The program will complement the Welcome Baby strategy, as “grandparents” make their first connection with a family by delivering the Welcome Baby Bundle. In the coming years, the East Lane team will add more family supports to the program. 

How You Can Get Involved in East Lane

  • Donate to the Welcome Baby Bundle
  • Volunteer as a Roots of Empathy Instructor or Family
  • Join the Regional Leadership Team
  • Join a workgroup for a program like Welcome Baby or an event like Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Commit to be a member of 5,000 Strong

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