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Become a Family Coach

Safe Families for Children is a national, evidence-based program that aims to reduce child abuse by surrounding families in crisis with a caring, compassionate community. Safe Families is implemented locally by CAFA (Christians As Family Advocates), and engages faith communities to help meet the needs of vulnerable families. Through dedicated, trained volunteers, Safe Families temporarily hosts children in homes across Lane County, and provides a network of support to families in crisis while they get back on their feet.

All volunteers are trained and background checked, but Safe Families doesn’t believe you need a degree in a helping profession to make a huge difference in the lives of children in our community. Do you have space? Or a passion for people? That’s enough to get started!

Family coaches help walk with a parent to help navigate and overcome their crisis. As a family coach, you will: 

  • Work closely with Safe Families staff to provide resources and community referrals to families in crisis
  • Give guidance and support to facilitate the relationship between a host family and the family in crisis.

To become a Family Coach, please start by filling out this application.

What is Safe Families?

Safe Families for Children of Lane County seeks to “Make a Safer Place for Children” by enlisting and training host families to provide respite care to children whose families are experiencing a temporary emergency.

The program’s aim is to engage the community to meet the immediate needs of a child through respite care, so that the family unit can be maintained and Child Welfare intervention is not needed to keep the child safe.

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