Around the O Highlights 90by30

24 Jun 2019

The Center for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglect, 90by30, and the K(no)w More campaign were featured recently in the UO publication "Around the O." More than a brief overview of 90by30's work to reduce child abuse, the article delves into the prevention strategies we've chosen, like Roots of Empathy, and explains how the K(no)w More website, which launched in April, is providing a way for community members to take action to create healthier, more nurturing communities for children and families. As CPAN Co-Director Jeff Todahl says, "We’ve found that a concerted effort that pulls in all aspects of a child’s community — parents, teachers, caregivers — one that points to actionable steps that any one of us can take, works best at stopping abuse before it starts.” The article also touches on the Oregon Child Abuse Prevalence Study (OCAPS) and its goal of interviewing teenagers about abuse history to get "a crystal-clear picture of the scope of this problem" - and, from that information, figure out how best to solve it. 


Read the full article online here