Eugene Hosts Focus Groups

13 Feb 2018

The Eugene team has been busy lately, preparing to write its prevention plan by creating an "asset map" of the region's resources that accurately assesses its strengths and gaps in supports for children and families. In lieu of holding the community-wide forums conducted by the six rural teams, the team has opted to convene focus groups with key experts - who range from nonprofit leaders to educators to parents with firsthand experiences with Eugene's services.


Each focus group is centered around one or two of the five protective factors, with the first covering Parental Resilience and Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development. It drew a healthy crowd of 16, while the second group of 11 focused on Social Connections. Participants engaged in dynamic conversations and posed thoughtful questions, all recorded by members of the CPAN research team, which has partnered with the Eugene RLT to accurately capture information gleaned from the focus groups.