A Thank You from South Lane

19 Nov 2018

One of the greatest gifts of working with the community is hearing about the impact 90by30's efforts have on our neighbors.  South Lane Regional Leadership Team Coordinator Rachel Nordquist recently received this email from a father whose family was touched by the gift of the Welcome Baby Box.


My name is Travis and I am father to baby Juniper. My wife Amy and I welcomed her into the world on the fifth of November. Alan Baas put us in touch with your organization shortly before Juniper was due to arrive.


Amy met up with you and I was informed it was all very positive and welcoming. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to see her and also sending her home with all of these treasures. One treasure in particular that I would like to comment on, is the Birch Tree Baby Box. It is quite the piece of equipment.


It seems to block sounds in a way I didn't expect. I actually laughed at the idea of putting the baby in a box to sleep. But alas, it has actually been quite the nice addition to our home. Instead of having to purchase another infant safe bed for our downstairs, we have found that the Birch box is more than adequate. It keeps her secure and when we put her nature noise maker in with her it soothes her by blocking all other sound out.


In closing, I would like to thank all of you for everything you have done for my newly expanded little family. I am greatly impressed that this service is provided down here in the south end of the valley. I feel like these are the services and connections that need to be made in the current atmosphere of divisive mentality plaguing the world. Way to go folks. Be well and we will see you around.


-Travis Estep, Amy Rovai, & Baby Juniper