Visit Our New Website!

16 Apr 2019

We're halfway through Child Abuse Prevention Month, and we are excited to officially launch 90by30's new website and media campaign, K(no)w More. When we know more, we can say no more to child abuse and neglect - and we can work together to keep kids safe, healthy, and nurtured. 


All of us want kids and youth in our community to be safe, but it’s not always clear what each of us can do to reduce child abuse and neglect. K(no)w More points to many practical steps we can all take. Whatever your role in the community – a friend, educator, business owner, a person of faith – there are ways you can support parents and kids in Lane County. There are things we can all do every day and resources we can share to create a community where all kids are safe and connected and families are supported.

To find out how to make a difference in the lives of Lane County kids, visit the K(no)w More website at www.knowmorelanecounty.org. You can also follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/knowmorelanecounty - and share our efforts with your friends!