North Lane 

Veneta, Junction City, and Surrounding Areas

North Lane Coordinator: Terah Van Dusen

North Lane Co-Chairs: Tere Andrews and Stacy Moeller

The North Lane Team is composed of several dedicated long-term members from diverse backgrounds. The team is recruiting for more volunteers who live in the greater Veneta and Junction City regions.

Since 2018, the team has devoted most of its energy to the Roots of Empathy program, bringing “tiny teachers” into local first- and second-grade classrooms to help students develop empathy and build a more caring, civil society.

In 2021, as a way to break pandemic-fueled isolation, the North Lane team introduced the Welcome Baby Bundle to the region. The Bundle connects new parents to community resources with zero to minimal contact with participating families. The program aims to support new parents with the tools and resources needed for their growing families, as well as to connect them with their communities. 

Both of these programs target the five Strengthening Families protective factors at the heart of 90by30’s mission to reduce child abuse and neglect in Lane County. Specifically for North Lane, those protective factors include Social Connections (Welcome Baby Bundle) and Social and Emotional Competence in Children (Roots of Empathy).

The North Lane Team meets monthly. Please contact Coordinator Terah for more information at

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Strategies in North Lane

Welcome Baby

As part of the Welcome Baby program, North Lane has held diaper drives for local parents and “baby showers” for its Roots of Empathy families. The team will soon introduce the Welcome Baby Bundle, which is currently available in South, West, and East Lane. This gift to the newest members of the community provides carefully selected items, as well as a binder with local resources – all delivered by a caring community member.

Roots of Empathy

This classroom-based program cultivates empathy in children in order to build more caring, peaceful, and civil societies. Through interactions with an infant and caregiver, and with the guidance of a Roots of Empathy Instructor, children learn to identify and understand the feelings of the baby, then their own feelings and those of others. 90by30 has partnered with Roots of Empathy to bring this program to 50 first- and second-grade classrooms in Lane County. 

 What’s Next

The rollout of the Welcome Baby Bundle is North Lane’s next focus. Subsequent years of the prevention plan include exciting strategies like Triple P Parenting Program, 40 Developmental Assets, and Parent Cafés.

How You Can Get Involved in North Lane

  • Volunteer as a Roots of Empathy Instructor or Family
  • Join the Regional Leadership Team
  • Raise awareness during Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Commit to be a member of 5,000 Strong

Thank You to Our North Lane Supporters

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