What Lane County Thinks

In addition to using reported data about child abuse, 90by30 is conducting its own research to provide a strong empirical foundation for our efforts. In conjunction with the University of Oregon's Center for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglect, we conducted the Child Abuse Prevention Climate Study, a scientific survey designed to gather information on Lane County's attitudes about child abuse and neglect. Five hundred residents were randomly selected to participate, a sample large enough to closely represent the county's population.


“If people were aware of how many children were abused they would be more willing to help.”

- Survey Respondent

In addition to the 52-question survey, many respondents aso chose to answer this open-ended prompt: I would be in full support of a local effort to significantly reduce child abuse and neglect if I was sure that ________. Their responses, which were recorded verbatim, were very consistent. First and foremost - and far away the most common response - was some version of "if it would work," "if it were effective," and "if there were evidence of positive results." Others also emphasized the importance of a feasible plan with follow-through, e.g., "if there were a clear plan; real action that is more than a short-term answer," and "if people follow through; if it were actually carried out." Some people focused on the importance of credible leadership of the effort and wide community involvement, such as "if it were grassroots and stayed in the community"; "if everybody was on the same page and working together"; and "if it reflected common-sense community involvement."


"I think there needs to be an organized effort between all organizations and child services, and that parents at any income level, any education level and any race should be provided support."

- Survey Respondent

The 90by30 team - which includes regional leadership team members in each of our seven regions and any other parties who have an interest - will reflect on these insights and give careful attention to their practical application. The vast majority of people in our community will support a concerted effort to reduce child abuse and neglect and to ensure child safety and well-being. That effort is more likely to enjoy broad public support - and be effective - when it is locally developed, rooted in feasible and practical solutions in which everyone can see a role to contribute, and where responsible leaders ensure thoughtful follow-through over time.


I would fully support a local child abuse prevention effort if "there was a clear plan with measurable goals and that it was transparent to the community at large so that we could see the path of the plan and how well the plan was working."

- Survey Respondent


The study pointed to 90by30's own role in the community. People had hope - most agreed that child abuse could be prevented - but also uncertainity over how to realize the goal of reducing abuse rates. Nearly half the respondents weren't sure how to make that happen . . . and that's where 90by30 can play a part. As a channel through which the community can funnel its efforts, we consider it our mission to give our neighbors the tools they need to make the changes they seek. Achieving "90 by 30" will be an accomplishment of the Lane County community, not of 90by30 alone. It is our job to provide the support and scaffolding needed to develop the "clear plan" county residents are calling for.


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