West Lane

West Lane Welcomes an ROE Mentor

28 Jan 2019
Two mentors from the Roots of Empathy program were in town last week to observe a family visit with each of the 17 Lane County instructors and offer feedback. To welcome Angelica, the mentor for its instructors, to the region, the West Lane team gathered several Roots of Empathy families and babies as well as instructors and educators around the green blanket for a meet-and-greet at the school district office.

Great Coverage - Twice! - in the Siuslaw News

17 Dec 2018
West Lane's Roots of Empathy program has received extensive coverage in The Siuslaw News lately in two in-depth articles written by Damien Sherwood. The first article, " Planting Roots of Empathy ," appeared on December 1 and offered a deep dive into the program's effect on students, teachers, instructors, and the community as a whole. A description of one classroom visit: This month’s family visit theme is emotions, so Mann-Heintz asks, “When you learn new things, how do you feel?” Many children exclaim at once, “Happy!” Wilson’s father takes the toy away and the class watches Wilson’s brief, longing gaze as the toy disappears. The class then discusses how one can show that they want...