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East Lane RLT Leadership

Susan Hardy, Coordinator

Kack Camerer, Co-Chair

Fred Ulrich, Co-Chair


Our Work in East Lane


Where is the East Lane Team doing now to reduce child abuse and neglect in Lane County by 90 percent by 2030?


Roots of Empathy

In the fall of 2018, East Lane joined the other rural regions of the county to pilot Roots of Empathy, a school-based program that brings an infant and caregiver into a classroom to teach students empathy and reduce aggression and bullying. The first-grade classrooms in Lowell and Oakridge with baby "teachers" have reported nothing but positive feedback on the program.


Welcome Baby Box

The team will be the third region, after South and West Lane, to launch the Welcome Baby Box. The Welcome Baby Box provides families with infants a safe place to sleep (the "box") as well as parenting information, a guide to local recources, and a connection to other community members. A Baby Box workgroup has been established, and team members are eager to undergo the training needed to implement the program in 2019. Another strategy, Foster Grandparents, will pair perfectly with the WBB, as "grandparents" will be the ones to deliver the boxes and make the first contact with the families they'll be supporting.


Looking Ahead

Later, in Phase 2 of the Prevention Plan, East Lane will introduce Safe Families for Children, a faith-based program that aims to keep children out of foster care by providing respite care to families in crisis. The strategy is a great fit for East Lane, which already has a strong tradition of volunteerism and engaged faith community memembers. Also looking ahead, the teams hope to have a youth presence in its 2019 Child Abuse Prevention workgroup, expanding the available perspectives and bringing fresh eyes to activities like pinweheel gardens and getting the word out about keeping children safe. 


Partners in East Lane

Community partnerships have kept the team strong - it has made connections with the Oakridge booster club, the Oakridge Kiwanis, the Oakridge United Methodists Women, the Oakridge School District, and several local leaders. 


Want to Get Involved?

East Lane can always use people who are interested in joining or working with the Regional Leadership Team. Current team members are looking forward to increased involvement by local youth, and are recruiting now for young people to join the CAPM effort. Volunteers will be needed to help assemble, deliver, and solicit donations for Welcome Baby Boxes, and as the second year of Roots of Emapthy draws closer, the team will be looking for additional parents or primary caregivers and babies to visit classrooms.


To read the executive summary of the East Lane County Child Abuse Prevention Plan, click here - or glance at the below chart to see the order in which strategies will be rolled out.



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