Leadership Teams


Our leadership teams are on the front line of child abuse prevention. With a team in each of Lane County's seven regions, there's a team in your area that's just waiting for you to get involved. Their goal? To organize 90by30's efforts across the county so that every person, neighborhood, group, and organization has a way to easily participate in efforts to end child abuse and neglect in Lane County.


We're taking on the challenge of preventing of child abuse and neglect in every corner of our county, not just in the metro areas that often get the most attention. To best do that, we've divided Lane County into seven geographical areas, following the lines of school districts as much as possible: West Lane, East Lane, South Lane, North Lane, McKenzie River, Eugene Area, and Springfield Area.


90by30's teams need people like you - people who are passionate about ending child abuse. The job description is simple and applies to a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds and experience across Lane County.



  • You believe that child abuse and neglect is preventable
  • You are willing to make a commitment to work with 90by30 and its partners on child abuse prevention efforts
  • You are willing to commit 6-8 hours a month to work on the 90by30 effort. Some of this time may be from home
  • You have an ability and wish to work with others in your region to implement child abuse prevention strategies
  • You want to be a decision-maker and make choices about exactly what prevention efforts will be implemented in your region
  • You have some skill or experience in any of the following: community organizing, parenting, working with youth, leader within a neighborhood or other group, child care, community volunteering, business, early childhood intervention, physical or mental health, policy making, education, faith community, computer databases, web-research
  • You are effective in “getting things done”

If this sounds like you, we need you on a Regional Leadership Team. 



Our goal is to have 18-20 members on each team. Because we are committed to ensuring that teams reflect a cross-section of the community, we're looking for members from these areas:

  • General community (natural leaders, neighborhood leaders)
  • Parents and grandparents
  • Civic groups
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Childcare
  • Health (medicine, mental health)
  • Early childhood intervention
  • Faith community
  • Youth sports or recreation
  • Local government
  • Social Service agencies
  • Neighborhoods

Team Roles

  • Teams will give direction and input to the larger 90by30 effort and to make decisions relating to implementing specific strategies within their own region
  • Teams will meet as needed, but at least quarterly in their own area
  • Members are asked for a two-year commitment to 90by30
  • The six Teams will lead 90by30 efforts in their own geographical area while participating within the larger 90by30 effort to make sure that effective strategies are implemented countywide
  • Each Team will have two representatives on the 90by30 Coordinating Council

To find out more about how to join a team, get in touch using the contact form, email us at friends@90by30.com or call 541-346-7484.