North Lane

North Lane Leadership

Stacy Moeller, Co-Chair

Terah Van Dusen, Coordinator


Our Work in North Lane

With the rest of our rural teams, North launched Roots of Empathy in several elementary-school classrooms in Fall 2018 and is now excited to be completing its second year of the program! This school-based strategy, in which a local infant and caregiver help teach children empathy and reduce aggression and bullying, is proven to reduce aggression and bullying in students and aims to create morecivil, peaceful societies where children grow into responsible and caring parents.


Parent Cafés, peer-led parenting discussion groups, will focus on one of North Lane's specific needs - services for older "tween" youth. Parent Cafés are being launched at two North Lane middle schools during the spring of 2020. 


The development of the North Lane strategic plan was a community effort. Regional Leadership Team members surveyed more than 200 of their neighbors to gauge local attitudes on child abuse prevention. Surveys included questions like, "Do you think we can reduce child abuse in this community?" and "What would make you support a community-wide child abuse prevention plan?" Their answers provided context for the next step of the plan's development. The team, assisted by a diverse group of North Lane residents, looked carefully at the community's available resources and gaps in services. With the goal of filling those gaps and strengthening - not duplicating - current successful efforts, the team wrote its Child Abuse Prevention Plan.


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