One Goal in One County

Lane County, Oregon

90by30's aspirational goal is to achieve a 90 percent reduction in child abuse and neglect in one place: Lane County. If we can succeed here, we believe we can pave the way for other counties and cities to take a similar community-driven approach in their own backyards.


Oregon's Lane County extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascades. Its approximately 360,000 people are spread over 4,600 square miles. From metropolitan areas like Eugene and Springfield to smaller towns like Creswell and the more rural stretches in between, it is a diverse and dynamic community - but also one plagued by unnacceptably high rates of child abuse. To tackle this problem, we've stayed local, dividing the county into seven regions, each with its own leadership team. By empowering community members to implement the strategies that best meet the needs of their own neighborhoods, we can find local solutions to a larger problem.