South Lane

Congratulations to a South Lane Star!

13 Feb 2019
Congratulations to South Lane team member and Welcome Baby Box star Ana Maria Dudley for receiving the First Citizen Award from the Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce for her dedication to developing a secure network for Cottage Grove’s Latino community to seek educational opportunities and access to health care. “How lucky I am to live a community where all of us can make an effort to make sure that all of our citizens, no matter what their status, can get help and that all of us are here to support them?” Ana Maria said - and then acknowledged the contributions of her fellow community members, adding “I couldn’t do this without you.” 90by30 is so lucky to have Ana Maria as part of our...

Welcome Baby Box Now a Reality

19 Jan 2018
South Lane's Welcome Baby Box program is up and running, making deliveries to families with infants in the region with resources, supplies, and the eponymous "box," a Smitten safe sleep system made by Portland company Pip & Grow. Let's give a big hand to the South Lane RLT and everyone in the community who has stepped forward to sponsor items, make donations, and volunteer their time.

Welcome Baby

The Welcome Baby program - and its central component, the Welcome Baby Bundle - has been chosen by all our rural regions as a key child abuse prevention strategy. Tiny new community members are being welcomed with a special gift in East, South, and West Lane County. Every family with a new baby in these regions is eligible to receive a Welcome Baby Bundle, which is delivered by a neighbor. Each...