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A Gift From the Community

Are you looking to make a direct impact on your community? To make life just a little easier for new parents in a very tangible way? Consider sponsoring an item in the Welcome Baby Bundle.

Each bundle is truly a gift from the community: Items are sponsored by community groups or companies, whose names are included on a card with each bundle. 90by30 and its partners contribute the resources and educational materials to support new parents. Filling the Welcome Baby Bundle offers an opportunity for community members to participate and unite around a common goal.

We would love for you to join the community of Welcome Baby Bundle sponsors! We worked hard to include the best items for a safe and valuable welcome gift to our newborns, and negotiated bulk rates with many manufacturers. Once you decide to sponsor an item, we will handle the ordering and delivery. If you are able to sponsor one of the items below, we ask for a one-year commitment to support that item in your region.

To find out more about sponsorship opportunities, click here or contact Sara Loveless at saral@90by30.com.

What comes in a Welcome Baby Bundle?

  • A Welcome Baby diaper bag
  • 3-6 month long- and short-sleeve onesies and pants
  • Sleep sack
  • 3 cloth diapers (can double as burp rags)
  • Sophie Giraffe teether
  • Breastfeeding-friendly pacifier
  • Nursery safety Kit
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Baby board books
  • Munchkin safety bath duckie
  • Period of PURPLE Crying DVD
  • Resource binder designed for families in each region