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A gift for every lane county infant

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A Gift from the Community to Your Baby

Tiny new community members are being welcomed with a special gift in East, South, North, and West Lane County. Every family with a new baby in these regions is eligible to receive a Welcome Baby Bundle, which is delivered by a neighbor. Each family also receives the Period of PURPLE Crying training (which can be shared with other caregivers), a program designed to reduce rates of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The Welcome Baby Bundle is the core component of our Welcome Baby program, and it’s a beautiful example of the community coming together to make a difference in the lives of the families who live there. Each item in the bundle is sponsored by a local business or organization; community members are trained to make deliveries; civic groups come together to assemble the bundle; local sponsors provide storage space and run background checks on volunteers.

More than 200 families have already received a Welcome Baby Bundle. Currently, 90by30 Regional Teams are working toward universal distribution in Cottage Grove, Creswell, Deadwood, Dexter, Dunes City, Elmira, Fall Creek, Florence, Junction City, Lowell, Mapleton, Oakridge, Swiss Home, Veneta, Westfir, Westlake, and surrounding areas. The hope is that one day soon, every baby born in Lane County is welcomed with a personal visit and a Welcome Baby Bundle.

What comes in a Welcome Baby Bundle?

  • A Welcome Baby diaper bag
  • Clothing items
  • Sophie Giraffe teether
  • Breastfeeding-friendly pacifier
  • Nursery safety Kit
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Baby board books
  • Safety bath duckie
  • Prefold diapers
  • Resource binder designed for families in each region