Visit Our New Website!

16 Apr 2019
We're halfway through Child Abuse Prevention Month, and we are excited to officially launch 90by30's new website and media campaign, K(no)w More . When we know more, we can say no more to child abuse and neglect - and we can work together to keep kids safe, healthy, and nurtured. All of us want kids and youth in our community to be safe, but it’s not always clear what each of us can do to reduce child abuse and neglect. K(no)w More points to many practical steps we can all take. Whatever your role in the community – a friend, educator, business owner, a person of faith – there are ways you can support parents and kids in Lane County. There are things we can all do every day and resources we...

CAPM News Coverage

4 Apr 2019
90by30's Child Abuse Prevention Month efforts are receiving lots of local news coverage! The Cottage Grove Sentinel ran an article entitled " Raising Awareness One Pinwheel at a Time " about South Lane's commitment to reducing child abuse and neglect that highlighted the K(no)w More website and media campaign launching on April 15. South Lane Regional Leadership Team Coordinator Rachel Nordquist spoke to the importance of the campaign's theme of "A connected child is a protected child" and its message that we all have a role to play in helping kids and families: I think its everybody’s place to learn the skills and the tools to be able to just be an advocate for a struggling parent or...

The 2019 CAPM Toolkit is Here!

2 Apr 2019
This year's Child Abuse Prevention Month toolkit, which contains local resources for parents, ways to get involved in April by wearing blue on Blue Friday or marking Blue Sunday with your faith community, and a sample of the K(no)w More website that will launch on April 15, is available now. Download a copy by clicking here and share it with your coworkers, friends, and family!

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

1 Apr 2019
Child Abuse Prevention Month is off to an artistic start in North Lane, where Regional Leadership Team Coordinator Terah Van Dusen and Friends of 90by30’s resident artist Lana Blair decorated windows this weekend to raise awareness of CAPM. A huge thank you goes out to Veneta’s Pacific Hometown Insurance and Red Barn Properties for providing the blank “canvas”!

The Family Acceptance Project: Family Support for LGBTQ Youth

12 Mar 2019
90by30 is proud to be a cosponsor of The Family Acceptance Project: Family Support for LGBTQ Youth . This training on April 5 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Lane Community College features Dr. Caitlin Ryan and is designed for teachers, behavioral health providers, peer support providers, faith leaders, doctors, and community members who want to make a difference in the lives of LGBTQ youth. Attendees will learn about the Family Acceptance Project, the world’s first research, intervention, education and policy initiative that helps diverse families learn to support their LGBTQ children to prevent serious health risks and promote well-being. Family rejection increases family conflict that can...

Weather Cancels Springfield Prevention Planning

28 Feb 2019
Tonight's Springfield Prevention Planning session scheduled to begin at 5:30 at Hamlin Middle School has been canceled due to weather-related school closures. We'll resume the Prevention Planning process next week on March 7.

Congratulations to a South Lane Star!

13 Feb 2019
Congratulations to South Lane team member and Welcome Baby Box star Ana Maria Dudley for receiving the First Citizen Award from the Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce for her dedication to developing a secure network for Cottage Grove’s Latino community to seek educational opportunities and access to health care. “How lucky I am to live a community where all of us can make an effort to make sure that all of our citizens, no matter what their status, can get help and that all of us are here to support them?” Ana Maria said - and then acknowledged the contributions of her fellow community members, adding “I couldn’t do this without you.” 90by30 is so lucky to have Ana Maria as part of our...

West Lane Welcomes an ROE Mentor

28 Jan 2019
Two mentors from the Roots of Empathy program were in town last week to observe a family visit with each of the 17 Lane County instructors and offer feedback. To welcome Angelica, the mentor for its instructors, to the region, the West Lane team gathered several Roots of Empathy families and babies as well as instructors and educators around the green blanket for a meet-and-greet at the school district office.

South Lane Spreading Roots of Empathy

3 Jan 2019
West Lane isn't the only region to receive recognition for its Roots of Empathy program. The Cottage Grove Sentinel recently covered the effort in South Lane. The article points out that students often use their observations about the baby's development to reflect on their own emotions. Scott Hoffman, a second-grade teacher at Harrison Elementary, notes that empathy comes into play because "the baby can’t tell you how he’s feeling, he doesn’t have the language. So, it’s an opportunity for the kids to think how do you tell how a baby might be feeling?” As the article explains: Spending the year with a baby who started its class visits between two and three months old means second-graders can...

Springfield Preps for Prevention Planning

3 Jan 2019
Our tireless Springfield Regional Leadership Team members have been working hard - and fitting in time for holiday cheer - lately to prepare for prevention planning in late February and March. With the experiences of the Eugene Team and all the rural teams to draw on, Springfield is laying the groundwork for a smooth, streamlined process and is excited to select strategies for its region and get its prevention plan onto paper.