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Together, we can make Lane County a safer, healthier, and more nurturing place for kids and families.

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Partnership with Nurturely Benefits North Lane Families

6 Jan 2021

Our Welcome Baby program has exciting news! High-quality baby carriers and an educational video for...

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Trauma-Informed Schools Partnership Featured in “Around the O”

7 Dec 2020

For a century, the agricultural extension model, which pairs university researchers with groups of f...

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Presenting at the Together for Families Conference

15 Oct 2020

90by30 and CPAN Director Jeff Todahl, along with colleagues from Center for the Study of Social Poli...

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Welcome Baby

The Welcome Baby program - and its central component, the Welcome Baby Bundle - has been chosen by all our rural regions as a key child abuse prevention strategy. Tiny new community members are being welcomed with a special gift in...
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Roots of Empathy

In 30 classrooms in Lane County, babies are the teachers.   These are the classrooms currently part of Roots of Empathy - an innovative, evidence-based program that combines both long- and short-term goals to work toward...
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Our Donors: The Founding 500

Friends of 90by30 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 2017 to raise funds and awareness for 90by30 and its work to reduce child abuse and neglect in Lane County 90 percent by 2030. One of its campaigns to support 90by30...
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Risk and Protective Factors - a Proven Framework

Reducing child abuse and neglect 90% by 2030 is clearly a challenging task. Some people we talk to have said they feel overwhelmed at the thought of it – it seems too large and too complicated. Where do we begin? What are the most...
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Your contribution through the UO Foundation to 90by30 and the Center for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglect helps us create a safer, healthier world for children.

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