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24,000 Lane County children – 1 in 3 – have experienced abuse or neglect in their lives. 

We believe we can work together to reduce child abuse by 90%.
Hundreds of Lane County residents have already joined the effort.

Child abuse is prevented when:

Kids are connected
Families are supported
Community members take positive action

How is 90by30 working to reduce child abuse and neglect in Lane County? Watch this short video to find out!

Watch a Message About Our work


of Lane County adults think that child abuse CAN be reduced


of lane county adults think child abuse will be reduced

90by30 is all about getting from can to will

Together, we are making our county a safe, healthy place for all kids

Connecting Communities to Keep Kids Safe

90by30 is a community-campus partnership dedicated to reducing child abuse and neglect in Lane County 90 percent by 2030. We’re community-led but county-wide, focusing on local strategies that fit the unique needs of each region or city. Our goal is to make Lane County a safe, healthy, and nurturing place for families and children by engaging our neighbors, focusing on primary prevention that stops child abuse before it starts, and finding a role for everyone in supporting parents. You – and all your neighbors – have an important role.

How do we prevent child abuse in Lane County?

1. Primary Prevention

While it’s crucial to support children and families who have experienced abuse, a world without child abuse or neglect requires us to get ahead of the problem.

2. a role for everyone

Everyone has a role to play in keeping children safe. A shift this dramatic can only be achieved if each individual, group, and organization knows how to contribute. Child abuse is not just “the parents’ problem.”

3. Proven Strategies

We rely on data. 90by30 is housed within the University of Oregon’s College of Education and draws on research done by the Center for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglect.

4. Local Control

What works in Eugene may not work in Cottage Grove. Each of Lane County’s seven unique regions has chosen its own blend of prevention strategies.

Our Strategies

Each of the seven regions of Lane County selected its own blend of prevention strategies, but some rose to the top across the county. Our strategies are based on successes from around the world that have been proven to make a difference – and each strengthens one or more of the five Protective Factors that help kids grow up safe, healthy, and nurtured.

Roots of Empathy

Babies are the teachers in Lane County first- and second-grade classrooms. This evidence-based classroom program has shown significant effect in reducing levels of aggression among schoolchildren by raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy. Roots of Empathy is dedicated to changing the world, child by child.

Welcome Baby

The Welcome Baby Bundle is a gift for every baby born in South, West, East, and North Lane County. It provides essentials like diapers, onesies, and a safety kit – and connects parents with community resources through a resource binder and home visit. Expecting a little one and interested in receiving a Bundle? Click here

Parent Cafés

In these peer support groups, parents and caregivers create safe spaces to explore their strengths and learn from themselves and each other.

Safe Families for Children

This faith-based program aims to keep children out of foster care by providing respite care to families in crisis.

K(no)w More

Our countywide media campaign helps all community members play their part in preventing child abuse and supporting families. Visit

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