Congratulations to a South Lane Star!

13 Feb 2019
Congratulations to South Lane team member and Welcome Baby Box star Ana Maria Dudley for receiving the First Citizen Award from the Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce for her dedication to developing a secure network for Cottage Grove’s Latino community to seek educational opportunities and access to health care. “How lucky I am to live a community where all of us can make an effort to make sure that all of our citizens, no matter what their status, can get help and that all of us are here to support them?” Ana Maria said - and then acknowledged the contributions of her fellow community members, adding “I couldn’t do this without you.” 90by30 is so lucky to have Ana Maria as part of our...

West Lane Welcomes an ROE Mentor

28 Jan 2019
Two mentors from the Roots of Empathy program were in town last week to observe a family visit with each of the 17 Lane County instructors and offer feedback. To welcome Angelica, the mentor for its instructors, to the region, the West Lane team gathered several Roots of Empathy families and babies as well as instructors and educators around the green blanket for a meet-and-greet at the school district office.

South Lane Spreading Roots of Empathy

3 Jan 2019
West Lane isn't the only region to receive recognition for its Roots of Empathy program. The Cottage Grove Sentinel recently covered the effort in South Lane. The article points out that students often use their observations about the baby's development to reflect on their own emotions. Scott Hoffman, a second-grade teacher at Harrison Elementary, notes that empathy comes into play because "the baby can’t tell you how he’s feeling, he doesn’t have the language. So, it’s an opportunity for the kids to think how do you tell how a baby might be feeling?” As the article explains: Spending the year with a baby who started its class visits between two and three months old means second-graders can...

Springfield Preps for Prevention Planning

3 Jan 2019
Our tireless Springfield Regional Leadership Team members have been working hard - and fitting in time for holiday cheer - lately to prepare for prevention planning in late February and March. With the experiences of the Eugene Team and all the rural teams to draw on, Springfield is laying the groundwork for a smooth, streamlined process and is excited to select strategies for its region and get its prevention plan onto paper.

Great Coverage - Twice! - in the Siuslaw News

17 Dec 2018
West Lane's Roots of Empathy program has received extensive coverage in The Siuslaw News lately in two in-depth articles written by Damien Sherwood. The first article, " Planting Roots of Empathy ," appeared on December 1 and offered a deep dive into the program's effect on students, teachers, instructors, and the community as a whole. A description of one classroom visit: This month’s family visit theme is emotions, so Mann-Heintz asks, “When you learn new things, how do you feel?” Many children exclaim at once, “Happy!” Wilson’s father takes the toy away and the class watches Wilson’s brief, longing gaze as the toy disappears. The class then discusses how one can show that they want...

A Roots of Empathy Baby Shower

22 Nov 2018
The North Lane Regional Leadership Team held a "baby shower" at the Fern Ridge Library on November 15 to recognize the Roots of Empathy instructors and families who are dedicating their time to helping raise a compassionate, caring generation of kids. Team co-chair Stacy Moeller coordinated an amazing welcome to the mothers and babies participating in the program by organizing a month-long diaper drive. By the end of October, the team had collected enough diapers and wipes for a “diaper cake” for each family – which made perfect appreciation gifts at the baby shower. Thank you to everyone in North Lane who has worked so hard to make ROE a reality in classrooms at Elmira, Veneta, and...

A Thank You from South Lane

19 Nov 2018
One of the greatest gifts of working with the community is hearing about the impact 90by30's efforts have on our neighbors. South Lane Regional Leadership Team Coordinator Rachel Nordquist recently received this email from a father whose family was touched by the gift of the Welcome Baby Box. My name is Travis and I am father to baby Juniper. My wife Amy and I welcomed her into the world on the fifth of November. Alan Baas put us in touch with your organization shortly before Juniper was due to arrive. Amy met up with you and I was informed it was all very positive and welcoming. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to see her and also sending her home with all of these treasures. One...

Making Connections at Conference 2018

7 Nov 2018
On October 26, more than 180 community members, 90by30 team members, agency partners, and others passionate about reducing child abuse and neglect in Lane County gathered at Lane Community College's Center for Meeting and Learning for 90by30's sixth annual conference. This year's theme was "Finding and Making Connections," and a standout part of the day was watching people do just that at our lunchtime resource fair. Twenty-seven cosponsors, ranging from groups that have been part of the 90by30 effort since the beginning to brand-new supporters, joined 90by30's Regional Teams for an hour and a half of learning about each other's work and discovering new ways we can collaborate to create...

Thank You to Our Conference Sponsors!

24 Oct 2018
The Sixth Annual 90by30 Conference is this Friday, and we'd like to extend a warm thank-you to all our sponsors and co-sponsors, including Lane Community College, the University of Oregon President's Office, the Children's Trust Fund of Oregon, the Lane Early Learning Alliance, Friends of 90by30, and SELCO Community Credit Union. More than 25 cosponsoring agencies are helping make this event a reality by participating in our lunchtime Making Connections Resource Fair, where attendees can meet others with a passion for creating safe, healthy communities for children and families. We're excited to welcome Carmen Urbina, Deputy Director of the Oregon Department of Eduation, as our keynote...

Springfield Ice Cream Social

25 Sep 2018
The Springfield Team's more casual approach to recruitment was on full display at September's ice cream social, which attracted over a dozen people and was made possible by generous donations of root beer and water from Bigfoot Beverages. Other local businesses provided raffle items, and the team enjoyed a nice afternoon in Meadow Park with guests curious in getting involved in the team. The next social is planned for October 4, and we have our fingers crossed for nice weather!